It’s been said before and will always be true: never trust a writer who doesn’t read!

This isn’t a reference to books alone. The internet is a massive storehouse of writing that we have access to anytime we need to be inspired, moved, enraged, motivated, social, or studious. Essays, online journals, magazines and ezines, newsletters, blogs and news sites are just some of the other formats available to anyone looking to get engrossed in the words of others.

Here are some I’ve come across in my online meanderings that I have enjoyed:

The Better Man Project: This author is so inspirational, especially if you start reading his posts from the very beginning. Following his journey from then to now has been an emotional and motivating course.

New York Times book reviews: These reviews are some of the best writing I’ve read. These essays are an in-depth look at the book being reviewed but also incorporate references to history, people, other books on the same subject, and personal opinions that not only make for great reading but also showcase the talented and knowledgeable writers the the NYT.

Vocabula Review: This is my all-time favourite site about words. The essays posted here are brilliant with a focus on educating and entertaining, and encouraging an on-going love of language.

Delancy Place: This site posts a daily excerpt or quote from non-fiction books. What I love about this site is that the excerpt is often such an interesting piece of prose chosen for the amazing insight it gives into the topic being discussed.

Thought Catalog: I love this site for the diversity of topics covered. Some of them do not appeal to me at all but there are plenty of others here that do. Some of these articles have been printed out and are now plastered on the wall around my computer. I could read them over and over again and get just as inspired as the first time I read them.



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