Living a life I love

Posted: 20 March, 2014 in Uncategorized
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If the past two weeks of death, disease and chaos has taught me anything it’s that life is precious, but highly unpredictable.

It’s also way too short. It doesn’t matter if live another 90 days or another 90 years, it will not be enough time to do everything I want to do. I’m amazed by people who claim to be bored. How, I think, can you possibly get bored? There is so much to do! Books to read, books to write, books to review, sewing and craft projects to start (and complete), letters to write, blogs to upkeep, people to catch up with, recipes to try, repairs to be done, paperwork to file/scan/discard, courses of study to pursue, languages to learn, movies to watch, gardening to be done, road trips to take, relatives to visit – the list is never ending!

Ok, so not everything on my list is fun or challenging but my point is there is always something to do and the only time to do it is now. I will no longer accept a second-rate life or pass up the chance to do any of these things.

I lived the dream recently when I told my boss to get f***ed and walked out of my job. It felt great! But I did dwell on this decision for about a week, wondering if I’d been too rash and whether I should have stuck it out a bit longer.

But then the afore-mentioned death, disease and chaos intruded and woke me up to the fact that leaving was the only choice I had. My life was passing me by one miserable day at a time and I was not happy.

There are many things I have no control over, but I can take charge of a few key areas of my life that will make a huge difference. My career, health and my leisure time have a huge impact on my life when I don’t manage them right, like when I stay in a job that I hate. I now have the opportunity to take control over these areas and make some big changes.

My life may not be everyone’s ideal but that’s the beauty of it – it’s my life. And I’m going to start living it.

One precious day at a time.


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