Starting over with no regrets

Posted: 18 February, 2013 in writing
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How can I regret any day that ends like this?

How can I regret any day that ends like this?

It’s been said you should never have any regrets – everything you’ve done is exactly what you wanted to do at the time. I live by this. I have to. Otherwise my days would be taken up thinking about regret after regret, especially when it comes to writing projects I haven’t followed through with recently.

So, after a too-long hiatus from my writing commitments I’m getting back into the schedule that served me so well last year.

A writer like me needs to be strict about a schedule to keep going.  If I say no today, it makes it easier to say no tomorrow. If I can find an excuse to not sit at my desk today, that becomes part of my excuse for not doing it tomorrow as well.

“Well I missed yesterday,” I tell myself, “and it didn’t hurt, so what’s one more day off?”

What started as a few days of letting myself off the hook and taking some time off over the holiday break has become a few months. Suddenly (well it seems awfully sudden to me), it’s nearing the end of February and I’ve lost 54 days of valuable writing time.

The best thing about a realisation like this is knowing that I can get started today to make sure no more time is wasted. I can’t get those 54 days back but I don’t have any regrets. Taking those days off was exactly what I wanted to do at the time. I spent time with family, I visited friends, I read a pile of books I didn’t get to enjoy in 2012, I spent days lazing around watching movies, I planned a couple of holidays for later in the year, I earned a bit of money doing some casual work.

In other words, for the past 54 days I have put everything else in my life before my writing, something I do not do when I stick to my daily writing schedule. And something I can’t continue to do if I want to repeat last year’s progress.

So, no regrets. I’ve enjoyed my time off. Now it’s time to get back into it.

It’s good to be back.

  1. ericjbaker says:

    I think it helps to not do something you love sometimes, because you come back refreshed.

    I say that, but I beat myself up when I don’t get any writing done. It’s easier to give advice than take it.

    Happy writing!

    • RickyB says:

      I agree. I have been so inspired and motivated since I’ve come back to my writing routine. I was lagging in motivation a little by the end of last year so it’s definitely been a good idea for me to have a break. But I’m not going to make a habit of it. I’ll be beating myself up over missed days from now on.

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