The year so far…

Posted: 5 March, 2012 in Goals, motivation, writing
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Two months of the year gone already and it’s time for me to look back and see if I’m still on track with my yearly goals. It’s important for me to review regularly because I can find myself veering off track so easily without even realising it. This is how I’ve managed to lose so much productivity in the past, by not being conscious of the time I waste. Keeping tabs on how I’m doing with my daily goals will give me a good indication of how my yearly goals are looking.

I have been great with my goal of writing every day, until this past week. I sat down to write only two times, and there was nothing really productive in it. To make it worse, I justified my casual attitude to leaving my schedule. It’s so easy to fall back into bad habits when I start excusing my slacker behaviour. If I skip one day it’s that much easier to say “well, what’s two days off going to do?” and before I know it I’m saying, “what’s one week off going to do?”

What that time off does is makes me forget why I’m doing this. I start looking at writing as a chore. I forget that writing is fun, not something I have to do. I do it because I love it and it makes me feel good. It’s the same with my morning walk. As the weather gets cooler I start thinking how great it would be to not walk, to stay in bed, curled up under the doona. But when I get ready and get moving I am reminded of why I do it – because it feels great and I feel fantastic for the rest of the day because of that effort.

My writing is the same. It’s when I’m sitting at the desk writing that I remember why I love it. If I’m putting time and energy into another pursuit, that is what I focus on and I tend to forget about the excitement that comes when I’m writing.

So, while I did lose my focus this past week, reviewing where I’m up to has got me back on track and writing every day.

And I feel 100 percent better for it already.


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