What success means to me

Posted: 9 February, 2012 in Goals, inspiration, writing
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Learning about what successful people have in common and working to follow their example has made me realise that another key to being successful is knowing what success means to me.

Success means different things to different people and people find success in many different ways. Some consider being a parent the greatest success in life, others need to own to their own home or business to feel successful.

One writer may think of themselves as having succeeded if they are published regularly in a magazine or have a column syndicated, another will feel successful when they have won a prestigious award for their writing, while someone else won’t be satisfied until they have a book published.

Someone running a popular business may not feel successful until they are able to sell their store and retire on the profits.  While to another entrepreneur, simply having established their own business is their definition of success.

It’s important to define your own idea of success.  Living up to someone else’s idea of what it is to succeed may give you something to strive for but you will be working to achieve someone else’s dream. If you do succeed in reaching that goal others may see you as a success but you won’t feel successful because you haven’t reached your own limit of what that word means.

Some people in my life think that owning your own home is the  ultimate success. But if I were to follow that path I wouldn’t have been able to take time off this year to pursue my real goal because I would have been thinking of the mortgage I had. I would have been held back from working on my own dreams because I followed the success path of someone else.

If you’re stuck on what your idea of success might be, look at someone you admire or envy and analyse why you see them as successful.  Is it because they have their own plane?  Is it because they have millions in the bank?  Is it because they are known around the world?  Is it because they are the author of the latest best seller?  Is it because their book was made into a movie?  Whatever the answer is, that is more than likely what you think being a success is all about.

For me, it would be a regular column in a newspaper or magazine, a book published, an income from my writing that I could live on comfortably, and the freedom to travel to make me feel like I’ve succeeded.

But I don’t need to achieve all that right now to feel successful.  I’m happy today knowing that I’m working toward that goal, that my chances of succeeding have increased because of the time and effort I’m putting in now.  That is an amazing feeling.


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