The secrets of successful people (Pt 1)

Posted: 8 February, 2012 in inspiration, writing

I attended a writer’s workshop on the weekend. It was a fun afternoon and there was some new and challenging information in the workshop. But what really got me inspired was talking to the other writers after the class was over. One man I spoke with has finished his book, one girl was almost halfway through her 70,000-word novel, one young boy spoke of the excitement he felt when his book was published – I was inspired by them all.

Talking to these amazing people taught me something: Successful people don’t negotiate in their mind whether they should or should not – it’s automatic!

This is true in all areas of our personal and professional lives.

People who are successful at losing weight don’t spend time thinking about all the food they’re missing out on, they don’t waste time moaning about the exercise they have to do – they focus on good food and they get moving before they have time to talk themselves out of it.

Successful writers don’t walk away from their notepad or computer when they hit a wall. They don’t create the complete story in their head before putting anything on paper. They start writing and they keep writing.

The most successful business people are those who have acted – they know what they want and they know what steps to take to get it. There is no time lost thinking about things that aren’t related to achieving that goal.

I’m not saying that successful people act without thinking. They just think more about the right things – positive things that will help them succeed – and act on those automatically. There is no room for negotiation. People who are setting themselves up for failure always find time to negotiate with themselves. “I won’t do that now, I’ll do it later.” “I’ll eat this now and start my diet tomorrow.” “I’ll start my business when [fill in the blank].” “I’ll think about that story a bit more before I write anything down.” It’s a never-ending negotiation with unsuccessful people.

To succeed, I need to spend less time thinking about the wrong things, focus on the things that will help me succeed, and act on them automatically. If I spent half as much time doing as I spend thinking about doing I would be in a very different place today.

But, there’s no time like the present to start making changes. As a friend once said to me, “I can’t go back and make a new beginning, but I can start now and make a new ending.”

  1. nickrolynd says:

    “If I spent half as much time doing as I spend thinking about doing I would be in a very different place today.”

    That sums up every single problem I have.

  2. RickyB says:

    Glad to hear I’m not the only one. I’ve just got to learn how to make all that great stuff I think about (constantly) a reality. I’ve got to get it out of my head and just act on it.

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