What makes a day perfect?

Posted: 31 January, 2012 in inspiration, writing

I love those days where everything seems to go my way – a perfect day.  I had one of those days yesterday. My ideas were flowing, my writing was productive, I managed to lose a couple of hours reading a great book, I made myself a delicious lunch, I walked down to the shop to get the newspaper and got some great news while I was there, then it rained for the rest of the day (giving me the perfect excuse to stay inside and do nothing).  I think days like that are why I find the bad days harder to handle.  When you know there is better out there it’s hard to settle for second best.

When I woke this morning I was wishing it was still raining so I could have another perfect day. Then I got to thinking about what made yesterday perfect.  It wasn’t the rain; it was that by being stuck inside I gave myself permission to do all those things I usually think of as slacking off.  Most of what made yesterday perfect are things I have complete control over, such as:

  • An early start – I’m nowhere near as productive on the mornings I sleep in.
  • Doing my Morning Pages and then working on my blog and other writing projects rather than putting them off until later in the day.
  • Good food, but not too much of it.  There is nothing that kills motivation more than the uncomfortable feeling of an over-full stomach.
  • Inspiration/motivation – a positive article, book, podcast or documentary can keep me motivated for days.
  • Activity of some kind (exercise, gardening, even housework).
  • Some kind of creative work. Time on the computer browsing through pages I’ve bookmarked to be read “when I have time”, organising or editing my photos, working on my newsletter, doing some design work, sewing, painting, drawing,  – these are all my favourite ways to indulge my hidden (very hidden) creative side.

Everyone has different requirements for a perfect day. My aunt’s idea of a perfect day is one where she spends the whole day in the garden; my niece says her perfect day is a winter day curled up under a blanket watching an entire season of her favourite TV show.   It’s amazing how wonderful a day can be when we fill it doing things we love instead of focusing our valuable hours on people and activities that deflate us.


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