Finding my voice

Posted: 29 January, 2012 in writing

Every writer has a voice or a style unique to them.  I need to find my voice.  I think that’s why my book isn’t going well at the moment, because I’m more than halfway in and feel like I still haven’t found my “voice”.

A writer’s style is so important because it’s the natural way a writer writes.  One of the magazines I subscribe to has a regular feature teaching writers how to write like the best classic and contemporary writers – Hemingway, King, Dickens, Austen, Patterson, etc.   While I enjoy these articles for the useful hints and tips on how to improve my writing, I don’t want to write like anyone else; I want to develop my own style. It’s harder to emulate another writer because if it doesn’t come naturally it’s going to be difficult to keep it up.

Another reason finding my own voice has been difficult is because I’ve had to adhere to someone else’s style requirements for so long – the journalist’s pyramid-style of writing, the Fairfax style guide, the style required of local government publications, and the PR style of local government media releases.  I haven’t had a chance in the last 10 years to hear my own voice among all these guides.

Now, writing independently, I realise how important it is to have a voice that is my own. Some writers have a voice or style so unique to them that it’s been used to authenticate or refute authorship.

We all have a unique way of speaking or addressing an audience and I want to learn how to transfer that to the page. My mannerisms,

Hopefully, once I’ve got my voice worked out I’ll have something worthwhile to say.


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