Stop over thinking it! Just write!

Posted: 25 January, 2012 in writing
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I have had three big ideas for my Goal Essay (capitalised to highlight its importance for in my 2012 plan) and after much thinking I’ve thrown them all out because the more I thought about them, the sillier they seemed.

“Over-thinking” is a criticism that’s been thrown at me regularly. Sometimes by friends who are just “trying to help”, sometimes by family members who are sick of me analysing things, other times it’s work colleagues trying to help me stress less at work.  I’m not sure if over-thinking is a common trait in writers or not but I find it is such a blessing at times while at other times (like now) I’m aware it could be holding me back a bit.

Topics for my essay, topics that sounded so good days, even hours ago, start to sound ridiculous and impossible to work into something. I think what I need to do is act immediately when I have an idea and put a rough draft on paper instead of trying to work through it in my head.  Putting it off is the MO of the pathological procrastinator in me.  The longer an idea spends in my head, and the more my inner analyst gets to play with it before putting it on paper, the worse the idea becomes.

Acting on a idea right away, instead of thinking it to death, is definitely something I need to incorporate into my writing life. It’s when that first bit of inspiration hits that  I’m the most productive in my writing so I need to capture that on paper as soon as I can.

Having applied this bit of logic to my problem I think I’ll revisit my discarded ideas on paper and see if they have any of the merit I originally thought they had. One of them just might turn out to be “the one” after all.


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