Doesn’t anyone have dreams anymore?

Posted: 19 January, 2012 in writing

I’m tired of having to explain to people why I left my job. It seems one of the hardest things for people to understand. “But, it was a great job!” they say, absolutely bewildered by my resignation even though these same people have been listening to me whinge and whine for months about how much I hated it.  But that seems to be the normal way to handle a job you hate – you put up with it, bitching and moaning about it, until the day you die.  But you certainly don’t walk away from it.  What about the money? What about the job satisfaction? What about the opportunities it gave me?  To the people I’ve spoken to in the last couple of days, these things are far more important than anything as ridiculous as happiness.

I want to scream at these people when they question me about my motives and point out the stupidity of my actions. I tell them of my desire to continue with my writing and hopefully turn it into a paying job. “But you’ve worked as a journalist and you walked away from it,” they say. I tell them news journalism isn’t the kind of writing I wanted to do.  I continue to justify my decision to people who, ultimately, don’t matter at all and whose advice I would never seek on any important issue in my life.  So why do I let it matter to me so much that they disapprove or don’t understand?

My real problem is that people don’t seem to have dreams anymore and therefore they don’t understand – at all – those that do. Why is it so hard for people to believe that someone could give up a job that made them miserable for a chance to do something that makes them truly happy? It’s such a foreign concept to some people.

I love hearing about someone’s dreams and hopes for a better working life. I love reading about people who had a dream and made it a reality. This inspires me! It excites me! For others, some of them family members, it’s just confusing.  I see the looks of pity on their faces when they look at me and that usually makes me angry, but today it made me sad. I pity them.  How can they be happy being so miserable? We should all have dreams.  I’m dedicating 2012 to following my dream. It may not work out the way I imagine but I’m ok with that because at least I can say I gave it a go.


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