Unlimited limiting beliefs

Posted: 18 January, 2012 in motivation, writing

When I finally get started on a project or goal I’ve been thinking about for a long time it’s amazing how quickly the negative thoughts come in.  Suddenly all my limiting beliefs come to the fore and I’m bombarded with “I can’t write”, “I’m a terrible writer”, “Everything I write sucks”, “I can’t even think of a better word than ‘sucks’ to describe how much I suck as a writer”, “Even if I do start strong I won’t be able to finish it”, “Even if I do finish it no-one will like it.” – it’s constant!

These limiting beliefs are exactly that – beliefs I have that limit my ability, or belief in my ability, to achieve my goals.  What I need to remember is that any limiting belief is just a thought, nothing more.  And my thoughts can be changed.  Most of the time when my head tells me I can’t do something, it’s coming from a place of fear, not fact. I don’t actually know if I can or cannot because I’ve never tried! My Morning Pages help me with this because while it seems I have an endless supply of limiting beliefs, when I put them down on paper I can see how unreasonable they are. Once I can see how ridiculous something is it becomes easier to laugh at and ignore it.

Also, I may have an unlimited supply of limiting beliefs but I’ve also got a pretty good number of success stories to invalidate many of those beliefs. And the only way to get more of those success stories is to ignore the limiting beliefs and give it a shot anyway.


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