Why I write

Posted: 17 January, 2012 in writing
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Yesterday’s entry got me thinking more about Terry Tempest Williams and her poem “Why I write”.  Here is my own version of that poem:

  • I write to feel whole.
    I write to make amends.
    I write to learn about myself.
    I write because when I’m writing my pen is my wand and I can create anything I want.
    I write to be a more genuine version of myself.
    I write because anything is possible on paper.
    I write to share my feelings.
    I write to hide my feelings.
    I write to connect with people. 
    I write to disconnect myself from my problems.
    I write so my family will remember me when I’m gone. 
    I write to make my world a better place. 
    I write so I don’t scream.
    I write to work things out. 
    I write to find a solace I’ve never found any other way. 
    I write to let the person I really am express herself unconditionally. 
    I write to be anonymous. 
    I write because even when I think I can’t, I can.
    I write because to not write feels wrong.
    In writing, I feel that all the possibilities I’ve thought about might be more than possible. I love the world that opens up to me when I write. My words become my world and I live peacefully in the storms and utopias I create each day.
    I write because I am a writer and nothing else has ever made more sense to me than the wonder of the written word.

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