Inspired by passionate artists

Posted: 7 January, 2012 in motivation

Following up on the topic of inspiration, I have just watched one of the most inspirational documentaries I have ever seen.

It was Anvil: The story of Anvil and it was a brilliant record of the history of this Canadian band and just how far you can go with nothing but your own motivation to keep you getting up in the morning.

To clarify, I’m not a fan of Anvil the band, or of metal music in general, so that isn’t what kept me glued to the screen.  This story of the two founders of Anvil was so moving that it even had me in tears at one point.  Their passion and fierce (really fierce) determination to keep going when others around them are telling them repeatedly to give up has given me an inspirational boost I never expected.

What has really gotten to me, though, is that these guys are great musicians.  The drummer, Robb Reiner, is mesmerising when he plays.  The lead singer and lead guitarist was invited to play with Motorhead.  So it isn’t through lack of talent that this group hasn’t made it as big as some of acts they headlined with in the early days (including Bon Jovi and  Whitesnake).  Even after seeing the documentary I can’t tell you why they haven’t achieved the success they have sought for four decades.

But I know that if I had even one ounce of the dedication and motivation they have, especially after the setbacks they’ve encountered, I would be happy no matter what I was doing.

After the release of this documentary, the members of the band finally achieved some notoriety and recognition and, in my oh-so-humble opinion, it couldn’t go to anyone more deserving.

Truly inspirational!


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