Time to find a project

Posted: 5 January, 2012 in Staying positive, writing
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It’s time to find a project to work on. I’m not too worried, at the moment, about whether it’s a paying project or not but I definitely need something to work on.

I’ve contacted our local newspaper to see if the editor would let me submit some columns.  This would be a great opportunity because it would give me some more recent clippings for my portfolio and get me into the habit of writing for publication again.  In considering topics I could cover in these columns I’ve just realised I haven’t read a newspaper for over a week so I have no idea what is actually happening in the world.

Ok, after reading the paper I’m thinking a week without news wasn’t so bad.   People are still killing each other with absolutely no concern for the consequences.  Children are still being treated with so little regard that they may as well not even be classed as human beings.  Politicians are still lying their way to the top (nothing new there).  Planes are going down and the dollar is going up.

I am going to spend time today looking for good news topics – something inspirational to write about. There has to be something good happening around the world.  If only these were covered more in the daily press.  The news adage of “If it bleeds, it leads” doesn’t leave much room for the positive stories because there is a lot of blood shed each day and a lot of paper dedicated to sharing that with the world.

I wonder where they hide all the positive news stories.


  1. Janey says:

    I am sure if you keep looking you will find lots of amazing good news stories, remember the old saying ‘seek and ye shall find’
    I have a few ideas, will let you know what they are in due course!

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