I may not be great, but I can always be better

Posted: 2 January, 2012 in writing
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I can’t make you a great dancer, I don’t even know if I can make you a good dancer. But if you keep trying and don’t quit, I know I can make you a better dancer.                                                                                          All That Jazz (movie)

I’ve always loved this quote because I can relate to wanting to be great and doubting myself every minute of the way. So much so that I eventually quit.

One of the reasons I left my job in journalism was because I analysed everything I submitted. I look back at my stories now and I think they weren’t so bad. Not great. But nowhere near as bad as I thought they were. My only regret is thinking about how great I could be now if I hadn’t quit.

My father is an artist – a great artist.  I look at his work today and it leaves me speechless.  I’m envious of anyone with that much talent.  But then I look at what he has done to get where he is today.  He has worked every day at bettering his skills and he now has a reputation as one of the best artists in his field.

I may not ever be a great writer but with practice, and persistence, I will be a better writer.


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