Starting anew in 2012

Posted: 1 January, 2012 in Staying positive
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Having walked away from what some would call a well-paid, estimable job at the end of 2011, I see myself looking at the first day of the new year wondering what the hell I’ve done.
But looking at what made me walk away from that job will help me see where I want to go with my next project.
1. Discouragement in going the “extra mile”. Management and staff actually encouraged me to do less rather than more. Any time I wanted to do something extra, my manager would say that I should just stick to doing my job. I loved my job, and I enjoyed doing extra things for people. To be discouraged to do so was, well, discouraging.
2. Low morale. While I would give my employers a thumbs up for trying to change this, their focus was so misguided that it ended up alienating more staff than it helped. In fact, it really only helped those in management.
3. Nasty co-workers. I mean nasty! I don’t want to spend time with petty egotistical people who are only looking out for themselves.
4. Dishonesty and lack of integrity. “I do what I say, and say what I mean.” Great motto! It’s a shame no-one who worked there knows what integrity really means.
So, with all that now made clear, the question is “where does that leave me?” Still without a job. But at least I know what I want.
I want a workplace that encourages its staff to really get involved and be willing to go the extra mile; I want a boss who will be honest with me and encourage me; I want to work with people who share the same values I do and who are passionate about what they do.
Am I asking too much? Maybe. But it’s good to start the year knowing exactly what I want and feeling positive enough to believe I just might be able to have it.


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